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Maiden drop Dickinson dogfight video

Iron Maiden have released a four-minute video documenting frontman Bruce Dickinson's dogfight re-enactment above the Sonisphere festival earlier this month.

He led a group of replica World War I fighter planes in a dramatic aerial show before headlining the festival later the same day.

Enthusiastic pilot Dickinson, who flew his own Fokker DR1 triplane, said before the performance: “We’re determined to put on an unforgettable display for everyone.

“The manoeuvres we’ll be performing are all based on true-life battles from a hundred years ago. What some of these fighter pilots achieved back then was nothing short of miraculous given the conditions they were working under and the seriousness of what was at stake.”

Dickinson was recently involved in a war of words with Rob Halford over the use of autocues on stage – but the Judas Priest frontman dismissed it as a “storm in a metal teacup.