IO Earth detail one-off orchestral show


UK prog outfit IO Earth will perform with string and brass sections for a one-off show in their hometown of Birmingham in May, they’ve confirmed.

They’re currently working on their third album New World and will perform tracks from the record at the city’s Crescent Theatre on May 23.

They’ll be joined by the seven-piece Orchestra Of Sound & Emotion on the night – and founding member Dave Cureton reveals they want to give fans a gig to remember.

He says: “We decided to put on a show which is truly that – a show. We feel that people expect value for money and that’s what we are trying to create. We want to make something really special.

“Every genre we cover and every song in the catalogue can benefit from being tweaked for this 14-piece band – and some may be tweaked a little more than others.”

Keyboardist and guitarist Adam Gough adds: “The addition of more live strings and brass will augment the live sound in a way we never thought we would have a chance to hear. We can’t wait to hear the results for ourselves, and sharing with you, our IO Earth Family will be a real honour.

“Whether your favourites are the soft, airy songs like Smokey Wood and Drifting, the guitar-led melodies of The Creation and Moments, or the full-on stonkers like Light & Shade, you will not go away unsatisfied.”

Tickets are priced at £21 and are currently available direct from the Crescent Theatre.

New World will launch later this year and is the band’s first studio outing with vocalist Linda Odinsen who joined the group in 2013.

IO Earth are also lined up to play prog festival Cruise To The Edge with Yes from November 15-19.