Ian Anderson details Thick As A Brick Live DVD


Ian Anderson has confirmed the release of Thick As A Brick – Live In Iceland on August 25 via Eagle Rock Entertainment, in DVD, Blu-ray and double CD formats.

The pack includes his solo band’s performance of the 1972 Jethro Tull classic, followed by Thick As A Brick 2, which he launched as a solo title in 2012.

The label explains: “This concert brings Gerald Bostock’s tale to life as never before – and creates the definitive presentation of Thick As A Brick.”

Anderson release his latest solo work, Homo Erraticus, in April via Kscope, once again featuring the character of Bostock. He completed a UK tour last month and continues across Europe, returning to Britain for Weyfest in Farnham on August 30.

A remastered version of Tull’s A Passion Play, remixed by Steven Wilson, was recently announced.

Thick As A Brick – Live In Iceland tracklist

  1. Thick As A Brick2. From A Pebble Thrown 3. Pebbles Instrumental4. Might Have Beens5. Upper Sixth Loan Shark6. Banker Bets, Banker Wins7. Swing It Far8. Adrift And Dumbfounded9. Old School Song10. Wootton Bassett Town11. Power And Spirit12. Give Til It Hurts13. Cosy Corner14. Shunt And Shuffle15. A Change Of Horses16. Confessional17. Kismet In Surburbia18. What-ifs, Maybes And Might-Have-Beens