Heavy metal dad teaches his kids how to death growl, and it’s pretty damn sweet

Proud heavy metal dad listens to his daughter's growls
(Image credit: @skeptikmetal)

You know what they say: there’s truly no better feeling than watching your kid take their first few steps, say their first words, or in TikTok user @skeptikmetal’s case, perfect their very first death growl. 

Last month, the father of two took to the platform to proudly showcase his young ones doing their best metal scream, and we couldn’t help but admire his knack for teaching the youth of today such important life skills. 

Usually, the screams of a young child take the gold – just beating fingernails on a chalkboard – in terms of the world’s most irritating sounds. But thanks to @skeptikmetal, next time we’re faced with that same old kid screaming bloody murder whilst doing our weekly shop, we can appreciate the racket for its hopeful potential, rather than wondering why we didn’t bring our headphones along to drown out the noise. 

In the video, the dad listens to his two daughters, who at just three and seven years of age, appear to be growling away to their heart’s content. The pair try out their new skills on phrases such as “THE FORCE OF FIRE”, “BLAZE IN”, “PLANETS” and the most popular, “FIREEEE”, as if trying to predict the lyrics of the next Gojira album. 

Titling the video ‘we are a musical family’ with the hashtag ‘proud dad’, the father’s skills as a heavy metal musician have clearly passed down the generational tree. The #metalkids entertained close to 2 million viewers in this particular video, and we can’t wait to see how their vocals and songs of hellfire progress. 

Watch the video below:


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