Gravil premiere new video for Detonate

Gravil band photo

London’s melodic death metal troupe Gravil are premiering their new video for Detonate exclusively with Metal Hammer.

The track is taken from their new full-length record No More Forgiveness, which is available now via iTunes.

Speaking to Hammer about the track, vocalist Grant Stacey explains that Detonate is a personal song drawn from a negative situation.

“The video captures the lyrics perfectly,” he says. “It tackles loss, taking charge and using the anger, rage and sadness to triumph over the overwhelming paint that the loss entails – hence detonating.”

“On the way to the video shoot we discussed how low our guitarists get to the floor during live shows,” Grant continues. “Sparx (bass) mentioned it was called crabcore and a confused Charlie (Webster, guitar) refused point blank to believe there was such a thing. Like a red rag to a bull this spurred us into mischief, shouting ‘Crab it!’ during the performance sections, so the band members having to get as low as physically possible to the floor without taking the soles of their feet off the ground.”

Gravil have two dates lined up supporting Metaprism this summer:

23 Jun: Arches, Coventry
08 Jul: Sanctuary Rock Bar, Burnley

No More Forgiveness is available to download now from iTunes.

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