Glass Hammer announce new space concept album Arise

Glass Hammer
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US prog rockers Glass Hammer have announced they will release their new album, Arise, on October 27.

Moving on from their epic Skallagrim trilogy (Dreaming City (2021), Skallagrim – Into The Breach and At The Gate (both 2022)), the band will release their new concept album set against the backdrop of deep space exploration.

“Arise is my progressive-rock spin on space rock,” says Babb. “I’m still flirting with doom metal on a couple of songs, as we did on the last two albums, but there’s also psych-rock and even 80’s influence going on in the music. Even so, it’s very much a prog rock album, just one that touches on other styles.

"We’ve always been big on finales, but the final track on Arise is like nothing we’ve done before. It’s an epic-length instrumental prog-rock jam meant to leave our fan's jaws on the floor!"

Fans can get a taster for the new work by listening to new track Rift At Wasp 12 and also check out the new artwork and tracklisting below.

Pre-order Arise.

Glass Hammer

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Glass Hammer: Arise
1. Launch Of The Daedalus
2. Wolf359
3. Arion (18 Delphini b)
4. Maresirenum
5. Lost
6. Rift At Wasp 12
7. Proximacentaurib
8. Arise
9. The Return Of Daedalus

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