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Gavin Harrison reimagines Porcupine Tree

Gavin Harrison has released a trailer for his solo album Cheating The Polygraph, which sees him reimagining Porcupine Tree material.

The drummer, currently a member of King Crimson, has aimed to offer a contemporary edge to eight pieces from the catalogue he helped create with Steven Wilson and co.

Harrison says: Every album needs a focus, a master plan – and while I thought about writing new tunes for a big band project, I made a version of Porcupine Tree’s Futile and it came out really well. It felt like a good plan to follow on with some of my favourite PT songs, and see if we could make them work.

“I had a vision that the arrangements would never lean towards a cliched sound, but always follow a modern contemporary angle. So even if you didn’t know the original tune, you could still enjoy it as a modern composition. I couldn’t be happier with the results.”

Collaborators include saxophonist Nigel Hitchcock ,who’s previously recorded with Kate Bush and the Moody Blues, and bassist Laurence Cottle from Bill Bruford’s Earthworks.

_Cheating The Polygraph _will be launched on April 13 via Kscope and it’s available for pre-order CD/DVD and vinyl. King Crimson tour the UK later this year.

Earlier this month, Steven Wilson slammed rumours that Porcupine Tree were about to work on a new album. He’ll launch solo title Hand. Cannot. Erase. on March 2.

Cheating The Polygraph tracklist

  1. What Happens Now? 2. Sound Of Muzak (So Called Friend) 3. Start Of Something Beautiful 4. Heart Attack In A Lay-By (Creator had a Mastertape / Surfer) 5. Anaesthetize (The Pills I’m Taking) 6. Hatesong-Halo 7. Cheating The Polygraph (Mother & Child Divided) 8. Futile