Former In Flames guitarist thinks band should change their name

Stromblad, 2nd right, with In Flames
Stromblad, 2nd right, with In Flames
(Image: © Getty)

Guitarist Jesper Stromblad says he thinks his former band In Flames should choose another name because of the change in their musical direction.

He left the Swedish outfit in 2010, with the band going on to release three studio albums since then. Their last album Battles moved into more melodic territory and, while he wishes them well, Stromblad reckons a title change should be considered.

He tells Metal Wani: “To be honest, I think they should actually change the name, because it’s such a huge, huge difference from the beginning. But if that’s the way they want to do it, fine. They’re happy with the new members, so good luck to them. Everyone is in the right place.

“I didn’t say that Battles sucks ass – that’s not what I said. It’s just that they have developed so much in a different direction.”

Stromblad also points out that he thinks that 2008 In Flames album A Sense Of Purpose gets unfairly treated by fans.

He says: “A Sense Of Purpose is a very underrated album, actually. I think that it had all the elements that In Flames is about, but it got so much shit. It’s looked upon as the worst album if people vote. They hate it, and I can’t get that.”

Following his departure from In Flames, Stromblad went on to be the co-founder of The Resistance, but he left the band last year.

He’s now involved with Cyhra with former In Flames bassist Peter Iwers, ex-Amaranthe vocalist Joacim Lundberg and drummer Alex Landenburg. They’ll release their debut album Letters To Myself on October 20 via Spinefarm Records.

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