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Cyhra - Letters To Myself album reiew

Melodeath and power metal dignitaries stamp their authority

Cover art for Cyhra - Letters To Myself album

The term ‘supergroup’ is usually enough to instil trepidation, but ex-Amaranthe vocalist Jake E and former In Flames guitarist Jesper Stromblad have certainly assembled a dazzling roll-call of metal luminaries for this debut. Completing the Swedish supernova are Jesper’s fellow In Flames comrade and bassist Peter Iwers, and Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody sticksman Alex Landenburg. Brief flashes of jarring EDM aside, we’re barely 12 seconds into Karma and Jesper is fingering that fretboard like there’s no tomorrow – either that or we’ve been swept majestically back in time to revisit the genius of 2000’s pivotal Clayman. Both Here To Save You and Closure encapsulate the bombast of archetypal power metal as well as showcasing the soaring splendour of Jake’s vocals, while pummelling grooves ensure Letters To Myself’s technical impact is unequivocally taut. A filler-free showcase of melodeath-tinged finery.