Fairport Convention release new collection Fame And Glory

Fairport Convention backstage at Cropredy 2017
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Fairport Convention have released a new compilation, Fame And Glory, released through Cherry Red. The new collection gathers together the band's recordings created for Alan Simon’s various rock operas, including Excalibur: The Celtic Rock Opera, on a ‘catch all’ release for fans to buy the recordings in one place. 

The band previously made this compilation available to its fans, but this mainstream release adds three tracks including a previously unreleased studio recording Goodbye My Friends.

"Fairport Convention don’t often get asked to collaborate on outside projects, but none have been more exciting and artistically rewarding than those inspired by Alan Simon," says Fairport's Simon Nicholl. "One of the musical highlights of my professional life - and some of the most enjoyable times on and off stage. It’s great to have Fame And Glory as a souvenir of happy times.“

“I am so pleased to see this great album available again but with bonus tracks," adds bassist Dave Pegg. "It was such a joy to record and play on these lovely songs with some of my favourite musicians. Do get hold of a copy!”

The current Fairport Convention line-up are joined by a slew of special guests on the recordings, which date back to 1999, including the late John Wetton, Martin Barre, John Helliwell, Jacqui McShee, Dave Mattacks, Andreas Vollenweider and more.

"This has got all the famous songs from my collaborations with Fairport Convention, sats Excalibur creator Alan Simon. "This album is considered some of Fairport at its best.”

Get Fame And Glory.

Fairport Convention

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Fairport Convention: Fame And Glory
1. Castle Rock
2. Pilgrims
3. Celtic Dream
4. Gest Of Gauvain
5. Morgane
6. Dragon Breath
7. Lugh
8. Behind The Darkness
9. La Guerre Folle
10. Fame And Glory
11. Sacrifice
12. Danza Del Crepusculo
13. Maire La Cordeliere
14. Duchess Anne
15. Soldier
16. Beltaine
17. Fame And Glory
18. Goodbye My Friends

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