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EXCLUSIVE: Vallenfyre – Splinters video

Ahead of the Paradise Lost man's side-project's second LP, we're streaming the new video.

What happens when you get members of two of the most seminal and heartwrenching British doom bands known to spurned man and howling beast into a rehearsal room together? Strangely not ritual suicide, but colossal and crushing death metal that journeys far beyond their Northern roots and lays wreaths at Stockholm’s Sunlight Studios, the resounding caverns underneath the Swiss Alps, aka chez Tom G Warrior, and the stultifying Floridian swamplands that birthed Autopsy and their murky ilk.

Vallenfyre, featuring Paradise Lost guitarist and drummer Greg Mackintosh and Adrian Erlandsson, as well as My Dying Bride guitarist Hamish Glencross, are releasing their second album, Splinters, this very day via Century Media, and it’s album of slow-burning brutality, its bottom end so thunderously heavy it makes the subdrops of the new school sound like Vengaboys’ sequencer. To celebrate – aside from pounding the earth and shaking our fists at the empty sky – we have an exclusive preview in the form of the striking, cinematic and rather creepy video for the title track. Gaze ye into the abyss below, for monsters lurk within!

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