EDM DJ Zardonic remixes Temic track Once More. Listen here...

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Prog metal quartet Temic, who released theit debut album, Terror Management Theory, through Season Of Mist back in November, have shared a new remix of their track Once More, whch you can listen to below

In a move that will undoubtedly challenge their more 'purist' fans, the band, who feature former Haken keyboard player Diego Tejeida and Neal Morse Band guitarist Eric Gillette, Mararton 22 singer Fredrik Bergersen and Shining drummer Simen Sandnes, have enlisted EDM DJ Zardonic to remix the track.

The new mix drastically reworks the heavier original in a manner which may still horrify the gatekeepers out there, but moulds it into something new which highlights the kinship between band's own music (and, to a certain extent, progressive music itself) and that deemed 'acceptable' by the mainstream.

Ironically Once More began life as a track called Pendulum, a tribute to the Australian drum and bass band of the same name.

"Diego and I are both avid D&B fans", says Sandnes. "When we got to talking about how fantastic it would be to remix songs from the album, I knew exactly who to approach for this track. No matter what it sounds like, you can always tell when you're listening to one of his songs".

"It was an honor and an absolute blast to work with this dream lineup of a band!" adds Zardonic. "I have so much respect for their musicianship and am thankful for the opportunity to bring their sound into the Drum & Bass scene. I hope all the ravers will dance their socks off to this remix. I'm already raving to do this again!" 

Get Terror Management Theory.

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