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Disturbed promise 'never seen before' stage spectacle

Disturbed frontman David Draiman has vowed to give fans a memorable experience on their upcoming tour.

The Illinois metal oufit will tour the US and Canada for the first time in more than four years starting next month in support of their 2015 comeback album Immortalized.

Draiman tells Q105.1 radio station: “Fans are going to be able to bear witness to the very first unleashing of the leviathan in every real sense of the word. We have production elements that not only have never been seen before at a Disturbed performance, but several that have never been attempted before in a live scenario by anyone.

“They get to be the very first test crowd of our entire full-production run. So they should prepare themselves for quite the spectacle, because it is going to be unlike any Disturbed show that anyone has ever seen.”

He adds: “This is certainly not me blowing smoke. This is some serious stuff we have going on during this performance, from a production perspective. It’s a long set – we go deep into our catalogue. And let me just say, it will be explosive.”

Disturbed released their cover of Simon & Garfunkel’s The Sound Of Silence last month.