Darryl Way releases video for his Elements Violin Concerto

Darryl Way
(Image credit: Darryl Way)

Former Curved Air violinist Darryl Way has released a video for his own Violin Concerto, The Elements, which you can watch in full below.

"The first is a Violin Concerto that I wrote over 20 years ago now," says Way. "Inspired by the programmatic music of Vivaldi's Four Seasons, I set out to find subject matter that I felt could be equally as evocative. I eventually chose to write a piece about extraordinary weather phenomenon, such as tornados and floods, as they also have a seasonal element to them, along with plenty of dramatic potential. The Concerto is in three movements: 1. Tornado (Allegro) 2. Drought (Adagio) 3. Flood (Moderato)."

Way recently announced that he will release a new solo album, Destinations 2 through Spirit Of Unicorn Records on May 28. The new album sees Way mixing his violin playing with a new-fund passion for guitar.

"Like DestinationsDestinations 2 sets out to take the listener on a journey to far off and exotic locations, something that in reality is very difficult for us to do at the moment," adds Way. "These tracks are journeys of the mind and are my interpretation of the atmosphere's and music of each different location, from Sun Baked Mexico to Bohemian Budapest."

Pre-order Destinations 2.

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