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Darryl Way to release new solo album this month

Darryl Way
(Image credit: Darryl Way)

Former Curved Air violin player Darryl Way will release his latest solo album next week. Destinations, a wholly instrumental album, is released through Right Honourable records next week.

"It's a collection of 10 pieces that set out to conjure up images of far off and exotic locations like Antigua, or imagined settings like Metropolis or Mystic Mountains," way tells Prog. "Like my previous album Vivaldi's Four Seasons in Rock, Destinations could be described as programme music, music that evokes atmospheres and impressions, although it's definitely in the rock genre."

Destinations also sees Way play guitar on a recored for the very first time as well as his trademark violin. The album is available to pre-order.

Darryl Way - Destinations

(Image credit: Right Honourable Records)

Destinations tracklist
1. Downtown LA
2. Metropolis
3. The Stars
4. The Wild West
5. A Rainy Day In Vienna
6. The Restless City
7. Riviera Blue
8. Antigua Bay
9. Freedom Road
10. Mystic Mountain

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