Betraying The Martyrs talk life on the road


Betraying The Martyrs are the latest group to star on FreqsTV’s Ghosts On The Road series.

In the video, frontman Aaron Matts opens up about the issues that had an impact on him during the band’s recent dates, including working around tight tour itineraries, being away from loved ones and the importance of having a good relationship with other artists on the same bill.

He says: “It’s always good to get together with all of the bands, and make sure the general atmosphere for the show is a good one.

“I always like to go into the show to see their energy, feed off them and get to know what kind of crowd and what kind of vibe there is in the room – so I can change my performance to fit the audience.”

The metalcore outfit’s last release was 2014’s Phantom, launched via Sumerian. Amorphis, At The Gates, Gotthard, Protest The Hero and Funeral For A Friend have previously appeared on Ghosts Of The Road.