Attawalpa releases video for Go To The Moon

(Image credit: Tom Beard)

Art rocker Attawalpa premieres his new video for Go To The Moon with Prog. The track is taken from the London based South-American multi-instrumentalist's new EP Spells, which he describes as a "a psychedelic bubble bath”.

"Go To The Moon was written in my first London recording studio (Moon Studios)," he tells Prog. "I called it Moon because it was a 1700’s crypt opposite Tower Bridge. I painted it all white and it had no windows, it felt like I was living in a spaceship. I was going through a tough, yet exhilarating time back then.

"I was in London and not looking after myself. I was waltzing with oblivion and the party was catching up with me. The song is a reminder about my need for escapism, the longing to be somewhere else. Somewhere where I can be myself, creative and free from toxicity. It also features backing vocals by Jessica Winter (as does last single Holliday)."

Attawalpa's Peruvian heritage plays a part too, his namesake and middle name: Attawalpa (spelt Atahualpa by the books), was the last Inca king before the Spanish invaded in the 1500s, with no desire to be king under Spanish rule, he fled. A misfit even in London, the story resonated with him, leading him to make music as a way of discovering who he truly is.

Order Spells here.

Jerry Ewing

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