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Amon Amarth tease video for new track

Amon Amarth
Amon Amarth

Amon Amarth have released a short video teaser which features new music.

The band previously launched The Berserker Is Coming website asking fans to choose their side between King and Vikings, while also teasing several posts on social media.

Now the Swedish outfit have shared a short video showing Vikings on the march with a snippet of new music and revealed that we can expect the full announcement tomorrow (March 20). They've also opened another website titled Raven's Flight, which contains images and lyrics to the new song.

Amon Amarth have been working on their 11th studio album over the course of the past year, with bassist Ted Lundström reporting back in March 2018 that what they had then was sounding “amazing.”

In January, vocalist Johan Hegg gave some more insight into the material, and reported that unlike 2016’s Jomsviking, the new record won’t be a concept album.

He told Revolver”: “Jomsviking turned out so well, so if you then start working on another concept album and try to top that, it would almost be impossible – unless you have a really great story lined up that you can do that with.

“But I didn't, so it didn't make sense. I was a bit lazy on this one. I waited for the music to be done so I could see where it would take me.”

In November last year, Amon Amarth released The Pursuit Of Vikings: 25 Years In The Eye Of The Storm which came with a documentary about the band which was produced by Alexander Milas and directed by Phil Wallis.