Airbag's Bjorn Riis shares graceful new video for The Siren

Bjorn Riis portrait against a grey wall
(Image credit: Anne-Marie Forker)

Bjorn Riis has teamed up with a ballerina for the graceful video for his new single, The Siren. The Pink Floyd-inspired track is taken from the Airbag co-founder's fourth solo album, Everything To Everyone, which is out on Karisma on April 8.

"Musically the song derives its inspiration from the more mellow side of Roger Waters, Richard Hawley and Tim Bowness, and is told from the perspective of someone observing a dancer," says Riis. "Lyrically it depicts how one can be easily mislead by temptation and hurt in the need for approval."

The song was originally presented as a demo during the recording sessions for Airbag's A Day At The Beach. Although it didn't fit with the rest of the material for that album, Riis held onto it and reworked it for his own solo record.

"It's ended up being one of my favourite tracks on the album," he admits, "and I would like to offer my sincere thanks to Simen Valldal Johannessen (Oak) for the beautiful piano, Henrik Fossum  (Airbag) for the delicate drumming, and engineer Vegard Sleipnes for the mixing."

Everything To Everyone was inspired by Dante's Inferno and also includes contributions from Wobbler's Kristian Hultgren and Norwegian singer/songwriter Mimmi Tamba.  

Watch the video for The Siren below.

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