Aeon Zen call time on career with final album

Aeon Zen
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UK prog rockers Aeon Zen will release their final piece of music, the 30-minute long Transversal, on September 24. You can watch a trailer for the epic piece below.

The band were formed initially as a solo project for current Annihilator guitarist Rich Gray, released their debut album, A Mind's Portrait, in 2009 and have released four more albums, the most recent being Inveritas in 2019.

Transversal, despite being split across 10 tracks, is designed to be listened to as one song, just as it was written as a single piece of continuous music. It serve s as their final, epic release as Aeon Zen end on a high and ambitious note.

"Lyrically, Transversal looks back on a career with many twists and turns and expresses the love and gratitude that this band has put into the music and the wonderful experiences they received in return," the band say. "This thematic full circle, as can also be seen in the Transversal artwork which contains elements of every previous Aeon Zen album artwork, which provides perfect closure to the Aeon Zen journey.

"But one question remains: what will happen now No one knows for sure, but Transversal serves as away to say,'This was a great ride, now it’s time to make a change'. So instead of saying goodbye, Aeon Zen makes one final musical statement for all to hear."

Transversal will be available as a CD digipack and as a digital release.

Pre-order Transversal.

Aeon Zen

(Image credit: Aeon Zen)
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