Welsh hardcore punk mob Made Of Teeth reveal a vicious new video

Made Of Teeth promo pic, 2017

Featuring three veterans from the South Wales noise rock scene – ex-Taint guitarist Chris West, his current Spider Kitten partner in grime, drummer Steve Jones and bassist Tom Coll – Made Of Teeth aren’t so much as a meeting of minds as a clash of sore heads.

Formed in part to bring the taut, urban paranoia of bands such as Unsane, Prong and Barkmarket closer to home, the band have just releasing their debut, self-titled mini-album. Featuring accurately evocative songtitles such as Drunk On Bleach and Bleak Phlegm, its’ a scabrous, claustrophobic, six-track blast of bristling and clattering hardcore punk that sounds like a 3am lurch fuelled by dodgy kebabs, quaaludes and a love of pogo-worthy pit-starters.

If you want to hear Made Of Teeth in its full, knuckle-scuffing glory, head over to their Bandcamp page here, but we have a bitter taste in the fighting form of a video, shot by Mei Lewis for the track Citrus Fetus Potus. So without further ado, roll up your sleeves, although not before wiping your bloody nose first, and dive into the mighty melee of Made Of Teeth below!

Made Of Teeth are supporting Today Is The Day at The Boston Room in London on October 1, and check out their Facebook page here for more dates!

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