Watch the super creepy video for Dale Crover's new single Big Uns

a press shot of dale crover

Sludge-rock overlord Dale Crover is premiering the video for his new single, Big Uns, exclusively on TeamRock. The track, taken from his first full length solo album The Fickle Finger Of Fate, mixes trademark Melvins bludgeoning, a preoccupation with sweet psychedelic guitar noodling and a healthy dose of wild experimentation – plus a cameo from a nice dog – to deliver the sort of brilliant chaos you’d both want and expect.

You can check the video out below, along with our chat with Dale about the video, his album and what he’s got coming up next.

What’s the story behind new song Big Uns?

“The song was the very first one I recorded. It was originally on a split single with the band Qui. It’s the very beginnings of what would eventually become The Fickle Finger Of Fate.”

The song sounds great, a real strong 90s feel. Was that something you intentionally wanted to tap into, or just a happy accident?

“I went into the studio with only a bass riff and a few ideas, and built on it from there. I didn’t have any preconceived ideas on production sound. I actually thought it had more of an early 80s sound. That would be due to the main guitar parts being recorded very clean through a Roland Jazz Chorus.”

The video is very befitting of the eerie edge the song has – it has almost a Primus feel to the visuals. Can you explain what’s going on in the video and how you came up with the concept?

“Adam Harding directed the video. It’s all his vision. I didn’t tell him what the song was about. I let him have his own interpretation of what that might be, as do I of the video. I too think it’s quite fitting. The doll gets taken from its home by its owner and is dropped into Doll Hell. She meets other hell dolls and they hold a funeral for one of the unfortunate ones.”

What spurred the decision to strike out on your own and make a solo album now?

“It’s something I’d been chewing on for a while. Having a studio and a record label interested in what I do was a big part of it as well.”

Will you be bringing the album to the UK/Europe on tour at any point?

“I’d love to! I’m hoping to put together a way to play this stuff live. Baby steps for now and we’ll see what happens.”

What have you got in the pipeline for next?

“The solo thing is extracurricular activity for me, but I’m down for more and want to make something of it. It’s fun, so why the hell not? Other than that, I’ll be in the UK by the time you read this, playing drums with both Redd Kross and Melvins. Come out and have some fun with me!”

The Fickle Finger Of Fate is available now via Joyful Noise Recordings. You can catch Dale on tour with Redd Kross and Melvins at one of the dates below:

Oct 10: The Brudenell, Leeds, UK
Oct 11: SWG3, Glasgow, UK
Oct 12: Gorilla, Manchester, UK
Oct 13: Birmingham Institute 2, Birmingham, UK
Oct 15: Desertfest, Antwerp, UK
Oct 16: Logo, Hamburg, DE
Oct 17: Jazzhouse, Copenhagen, DK
Oct 18: Pustervik, Gothenburg, SWE
Oct 19: Bla, Oslo, NO
Oct 20: Babel, Malmo, SWE
Oct 22: Festsaal, Berlin, DE
Oct 23: UT Connewitz, Leipzig, DE
Oct 24: Arena, Vienna, AT
Oct 26: Live Club, Milan, IT
Oct 27: Rote Fabrik, Zurich, CH
Oct 28: Manufaktur, Schorndorf, DE
Oct 29: Gebaude 9, Cologne, DE
Oct 30: Paradiso Noord, Amsterdam, NL
Oct 31: Electric Brixton, London, UK

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