Playlist: How to concern your neighbours, by Sugar Horse

A sugar horse press shot
(Image credit: Sugar Horse)

As we enter week 2487 of social distancing and lockdown, we here at Louder are continuing on our quest to supply you with a veritable spoil of musical riches to keep you entertained. 

We've already heard from Trivium's Paolo Gregoletto, who shared his Ultimate Quarantine Jams, from Halestorm guitarist Joe Hottinger, who provided his favourite throwback tunes, from Jamie Lenman who took us all to the movies, from Sepultura's Andreas Kisser, who put together a list of the world's most badass guitar solos for us and from Celtic Frost mastermind Tom G Warrior who supplied us with his quarantine soundtrack.

Today, Bristol-based doomgaze purveyors Sugar Horse have kindly supplied a playlist to expand your mind and see you through the afternoon.

"In this time of doubt and worry, we all seem to be consumed by a titanic sense of dread," says guitarist and vocalist Ashley Tubb of his playlist. 

"I’d say that’s pretty normal given the circumstances, so I’ve decided to embrace it. A bit like Marlon Brando in Apocalypse Now, or that bit in that awful film The Beach when everything goes all video-gamey. 

"Anyway, while I’m sat here, face millimetres from the living room wall, waiting for the impending Mad Max-esque armageddon, I thought I’d chuck a list of songs together that will not only annoy your neighbours but also give them genuine concerns for your mental and physical wellbeing.

"Stay safe, keep yourselves warm and enjoy… if that’s at all possible."

Sugar Horse's new EP, Drugs, will be released on April 17.

Briony Edwards

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