Microsoft announces all the new Xbox hardware at E3

xBox One

Microsoft has announced two new pieces of Xbox console hardware which will be released between now and Christmas next year.

The first is the Xbox One S; a smaller more functional version of the existing Xbox One. The One S is 40 percent smaller than the launch Xbox Ones and will launch with up to 2TB of hard disc space. It will also include support for 4K HD video from streaming services and 4K Blu-ray movies and HDR (high dynamic range) imaging for both video and games.

HDR will give both video and games a greater luminosity and wider ranges of tones which makes the colours more vibrant and details and shadows much sharper.

The One S also include an upgraded version of the Xbox One Controller with a longer range of wireless connectivity, Bluetooth and Xbox One connectivity support and a textured back for more comfort and control.

The Xbox One S will launch in August and will come in 500GB, 1TB and limited edition 2TB flavours.

The second piece of hardware announced was the the new Project Scorpio Xbox console. Microsoft called this the most powerful console ever created and it will feature enough processing power to bring true 4K gaming to home consoles as well as full support for virtual reality devices.

Project Scorpio will be fully compatible with all existing Xbox One hardware, accessories and software with Microsoft promising that no-one will be left behind.

In addition to all this every Xbox One and Windows 10 exclusive title announced at this year’s E3 showed off the “Xbox Play Anywhere” tag. The tag means that anyone who owns both the PC and Xbox One versions of these games will be able to pick up and play from wherever they left off whether it be on PC or Xbox One. Further to this, all of Xbox Play Anywhere games give players both a Windows 10 copy and an Xbox One copy of the game when they’re bought as digital copies from the Xbox Store.

Microsoft has also enabled cross-platform multiplayer for all of the titles announced during the E3 press conference meaning that both PC and Xbox One players can face off against each other across Xbox Live.