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Calligram release video for Bed Of Nails


London blackened hardcore mob Calligram are premiering their video for Bed Of Nails exclusively with Metal Hammer.

Taken from the band’s upcoming EP Demimonde, it’s a destructive slab of extreme metal fury dominated by glass-gargling vocals. Evoking images of despair and terror, and obvious nods to the likes of Trap Them and Young And In The Way, it’s a foot-through-the-floor bulldozer of violence.

“Bed Of Nails is our take on the serial killer Marc Dutroux story,” guitarist Tim Desbos tells Metal Hammer. “We wrote the story through one of his victims’ eyes and gave it a vengeful ending a la Sin City, in which the girl gets her own back.”

Calligram’s Demimonde EP is out November 4, and will be available via Bandcamp.

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