Alan Reed To Release New Album Honey On The Razor's Edge


Alan Reed will release his new album, Honey On The Razor’s Edge, through Red Dwarf Recordings on 14 March.

The eight-track release features a host of special guests, including Steve Hackett, original Pallas keyboard player Mike Stobbie, former Pendragon drummer Scott Higham, guitarist Jeff Green, Magenta’s Christina Booth, Lazuli’s Claude Leonetti and Harvest singer Monique van der Kolk.

According to Reed, the new release “couples the sweeping Celtic melodies of debut First in A Field Of One with a harder-edged sensibility reminiscent of my work with Pallas.”, adding that his work for the BBC in covering the EU referendum and political interregnum that followed “meant work on the album was suspended for some months due to the world going batshit crazy.”

Alan and his Daughters Of Expediency band will also play:

Glasgow Ivory Blacks - March 10

Malty The Wesley Centre - March 11