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10 Metal AF costumes to rock this Halloween

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With Halloween just around the corner, you might be fretting about this year's costume. You want to stand out amongst all the standard vampires, witches, ghosts, ghouls and sexy cats, but are lost for ideas. Well, how about ramping up the metal this year? 

Slipknot might be an easy choice, the jumpsuit and Joey Jordison or Corey Taylor mask combo is a classic, but what about all those numerous other rockers you might not have thought of? We've compiled the ultimate guide to the spookiest and most badass rock'n'roll outfits to make your spooky season stress-free! 

So from the weird to the downright scary, here are our top metal costumes to make you shine this October 31st...

*Disclaimer: While majority of our picks are male, they can easily be mixed up and gender-swapped – that way you'll look even more original!*

Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson, the God of Fuck, the shock rocker who took it to a whole new level... Did anyone else hear the rumour of his removing his ribs? He was the Ozzy of the 90s. The ultimate badass. Parents everywhere prayed their kids wouldn't succumb to the allure of his blasphemous music. So what better costume to scare the bejesus out of those neighbourhood kids? 

The 90s Manson was his freakiest, and also his most gender-neautral, so we've compiled the ESSENTIALS to nailing the look.

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Ozzy Osbourne

He's barked at the moon and bitten the head off a bat (allegedly), one of the most infamous frontmen in the history of rock and metal, Ozzy Osbourne is a cheap and iconic costume that's sure to get you noticed. 

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Eddie (Iron Maiden)

Iron Maiden's Eddie the Head is probably the most recognisable band mascot in history and he's had many incarnations, from a cyborg to an Egyptian mummy. Our favourite? A lobotomised mental patient from Maiden's fourth studio album Piece of Mind...

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Corpse Paint

The scariest metal of all – black metal. A scene with links to satanism, murder, church burnings and other grizzly happenings. Plus, it's so bloody EASY. 

You can either copy one of your favourite black metal artists – Abbath or Gaahl is a good shout – or create your very own customised corpse paint. DONE.

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King Diamond

Alright, he's kinda like a proto-black metal corpse painted goth – but the Mercyful Fate (opens in new tab) frontman's look is undeniably iconic. If you don't fancy going generic, go full blown Diamond.

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Jinx Dawson

If you don't know who Jinx Dawson is, you goddamn should do. She's the psychedelic occult queen and vocal songstress behind Coven. She's even responsible for inventing "the horns" (yes, before Dio (opens in new tab)!). Her stunningly stark blonde long hair and 60s satanic, witchy vibes make the perfect costume for Halloween – especially if you are keen to look gore-geous rather than grotesque.

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Baby Firefly

Baby Firefly. The most fucked up of Rob Zombie (opens in new tab)'s Firefly clan, and also played by his wife, Sheri Moon Zombie. You could dress up as Captain Spaulding, or perhaps Otis... but Baby gets our vote just because it's so goddamn easy. So, let's get fucked up!

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Ghost are the spookiest (although kid friendly) band of recent years, plus they boast pretty badass costumes. You can choose to go as frontman Papa Emeritus, one of the Nameless Ghouls, or of course, a lady ghoul!

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Ahh, Kiss (opens in new tab), those Knights in Satan's Service (they aren't by the way, it was a myth) were notorious during those good ol' days of the USA's Satanic Panic. Nowadays they have a much more friendly image, but they make a pretty badass Halloween costume nonetheless. 

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Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper

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Last but not least, why not become the master, nay, god of shock rock, the mighty Alice Cooper? Who doesn't want to be this absolute fucking legend of a man?!