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Yossi Sassi issues Roots And Roads teaser clip

Yossi Sassi Band

Yossi Sassi has released a teaser video for his upcoming third album.

He has also confirmed that Roots And Roads will be released on May 25. The record will be issued under the banner of the Yossi Sassi Band.

Sassi describes the album as “oriental prog metal” and it includes guest performances from former Guns N’ Roses man Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal and Myrath’s Zaher Zorgati.

Snippets of a number of tracks can be heard in the teaser video below.

Former Orphaned Land man Sassi previously said: “This release hopefully includes more vocally-driven songs than before, featuring some guest vocalists that you haven’t seen before in my project.

“Overall it really shows a nice evolution from the material I used to compose for Orphaned Land, and my solo work. I think you’ll appreciate it.”

Roots And Roads was recorded in the Jaffa Sound Arts studio in Israel during April.