Watch this AC/DC-themed Christmas light show

A still from the video
A still from the video

A video of a stunning AC/DC-themed Christmas lights display in Australia has been shared online.

Greg Jaeschke, who lives in Rudd Road in Shepparton, Victoria, has honoured the Aussie rock veterans with the festive feat – in which the lights flash in time with their song Thunderstruck.

Spectators can tune in to a special radio station, 106.0FM to listen to the music while watching the show. Jaeschke says a new song will be added to the playlist for the display each day until Christmas Eve.

The Aussie hit headlines in 2014 with his previous light work, featuring Darude’s trance classic Sandstorm.

He says it took 280 different light channels this year, telling Shepp News: ‘‘It does take quite a bit of effort – last year it took me about six hours to do each song.’’

Jaeschke isn’t the first to create a hard-rock themed Christmas spectacle. A metalhead in Southern California also previously rigged up tributes to Slipknot, Disturbed and Slayer with his own light set for the holiday season.

Meanwhile, Prince has been honoured in a Christmas lights display close to the late musician’s Paisley Park estate. It features purple neon lights, a rotating Prince symbol and a screen showing images of the musician.

Among a host of traditional Christmas songs used in the show in the city of Chaska, Minnesota, they’ve included his trademark track Purple Rain.

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