Watch the AI-generated nightmare that is Limp Bizkit’s new video for Turn It Up, Bitch

AI-generated image of Fred Durst with long hair on a beach
(Image credit: Limp Bizkit via Youtube)

Limp Bizkit have used AI to broadcast the music video for Turn It Up, Bitch straight into your nightmares.

The nu metal behemoths released the clip yesterday (July 3). Watch it below.

Turn It Up, Bitch originally appeared on the band’s Still Sucks album, which was released in 2021, following a 12-year studio dry spell.

Since proliferating in 2023, AI-generated art has proven extremely controversial. Detractors argue that it isn’t “real” art due to it being made by a computer based only on written prompts.

Others have also pointed out that the creators of the original artworks that AI pieces are based off of are not financially compensated for their contributions.

Associated Press reported last August that three artists were suing makers of AI tools that can “generate new imagery on command”, seeking protection for their copyrights.

AP wrote that a San Francisco federal judge “voiced some doubt about whether AI companies are infringing on copyrights when they analyse billions of images and spit out something different”.

One of the plaintiffs, Nashville-based visual artist Kelly McKernan, said: “People were tagging me on Twitter, and I would respond, ‘Hey, this makes me uncomfortable. I didn’t give my consent for my name or work to be used this way.’”

She continued: “I even reached out to some of these companies to say ‘Hey, little artist here, I know you’re not thinking of me at all, but it would be really cool if you didn’t use my work like this.’ And, crickets, absolutely nothing.”

Limp Bizkit recently played the European festival circuit, including a blockbuster set at Download in the UK, and will start their Welcome To Loserville tour later this month.

Support on the North American trek will come from Bones with Eddy Baker, N8noface and actor/musician Corey Feldman.

See the full list of dates and get tickets via the Loserville website.

Limp Bizkit - Turn It Up, Bitch - YouTube Limp Bizkit - Turn It Up, Bitch - YouTube
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