Watch Sabaton march to glory on epic new song Livgardet

We've missed a lot of things of the last year, and ridiculously OTT power metal made by a bunch of war-obsessed Swedes is definitely one of them.

Luckily, here come Sabaton, riding in like the heavy metal cavalry on steeds of iron with brand new song Livgardet - their first new music since 2019’s The Great War.

By their let’s-invade-the-country-next-door standards, this Swedish-language epic is relatively restrained – it’s pomp and splendour set to a martial beat rather than their regular galloping, GI Joe-goes-metal thunder.

That's not surprising, given it’s actually a tribute to the actual Livgardet, or Swedish Royal Guard - a venerable military regiment formed in Sabaton’s home region of Dalecarlia n 1521 by the “legendary” – it says here – King Gustav Vasa.

Here’s what bassist Pär Sundström has to say: “For the past 500 years they have evolved with the times and served under various kings and queens around the world, and they are still active today,”. We felt that such an anniversary would be worth a song and we aimed at writing a respectful tribute, an anthem for this Swedish regiment and its legacy.”

Yeah, that’s right - they’ve written a song to celebrate the 500th birthday of a bunch of soldiers.

If nothing else, it’s given them the chance to hit the 16th century dressing up box for the video. Hey, Sabaton’s gonna do what Sabaton’s gonna do.

An English language version of the song, cunningly titled The Royal Guard, will be released on April 9. Also featuring the original Livgadret, It comes in various shades of coloured vinyl, with an etched B-side. A limited edition version even comes with gunpowder pressed into the vinyl, because, y’know, Joakim Brodén.

We presume there’s a new album in the pipeline, but nothing official from the band. Still, this will keep us occupied while we push tin soldiers around big maps of Europe.


Sabaton - Livgardet

(Image credit: Nuclear Blast)
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