Watch 'Rocking Gran' dance to Highway To Hell

A picture of 'Rockin' Gran' dancing in Paisley, Scotland
Rockin' Gran

A video of a pensioner dancing to a cover of AC/DC’s Highway To Hell in the street has been shared online.

Scottish outfit Badboys were performing their final song at The Spree music festival in Paisley, Scotland, when they noticed the crowd’s attention was turned to the “rocking gran” beside the stage. Bassist Billy Kinnear’s daughter Alba, 10, managed to capture her on film.

He tells TeamRock: “She was amazing and we couldn’t believe the moves that she was coming away with. We were all shouting from the stage, ‘Look at her, she’s awesome!’ She stole the show.

“As we say in Badboys, ‘You’re as old as you rock’ – and boy, can she rock! With moves like that, she must have been a rocker back in the day.

“We’d love to know the gigs that she’s been to. It was such a great buzz. It made our day and everyone else’s.”

The video can be viewed below.

Earlier this year, Fine Brothers Entertainment released the latest in their Elders React series. They played Bring Me The Horizon tracks to a group of pensioners who give brutally honest feedback.

They previously carried out the same experiment with Slipknot music, cat memes and Beyonce.

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