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Gallows, Sikth members in new band Gold Key

Gold Key
Gold Key

Members of Gallows, Sikth, Spy Catcher and Blackhole have teamed up in new band Gold Key.

The new project consists of Gallows and Krokodil guitarist Laurent Barnard, Sikth and Krokodil bassist James Leach, Blackhole drummer Jack Kenny and Spy Catcher frontman Steve Sears on vocal and guitar duties. Their first song Mess is available to stream below.

Barnard tells TeamRock: “We’re all close friends. We hang out a lot and decided to use some of that time productively by making music. When you know each other this well, you write songs that incorporate your playing styles and before you know it you’ve got a live set ready to go.”

The guitarist also says they’ve written enough material for a full-length album, and have another track in the pipeline. Further release details will be revealed in due course.

He adds: “The fact that all of our bands co-exist just means we can explore different styles of music freely. I don’t think any of us got into music for fame and money, at the moment we’re all creating music that makes happy and that’s more than enough for now.”

Gold Key will make their live debut at St Albans’ Horn on November 5, followed by the Camden Black Heart on November 16.

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