Do old people like Bring Me The Horizon?

Watch this group of elderly people react to Bring Me The Horizon videos

It’s always an awkward moment when an elderly relative gets confused over what your favourite band T-shirt says or asks what metal video you’re trying to watch on YouTube. Many of us would rather take leaking rubbish bags outside in the middle of a sandstorm.

But for the last four years, Fine Brothers Entertainment have distilled those cringeworthy moments on the internet. Their popular Elders React series features a group of pensioners watching stuff on the internet, from the irritating Nyan cat meme to Slipknot to Beyoncé videos, and then deliver a scathing no-fucks-given opinion.

This week, 10 silver surfers were shown three videos by Bring Me The Horizon – Throne, Shadow Moses and Follow You.

Their reactions range from “they’re crazy and scary”, “I wouldn’t give them two cents” and “it’s a lot of noise and commotion”. And that withering critique was just from Norman, who we can safely say won’t be buying the band’s That’s The Spirit album ever. He really did not give a single shit about them.

But how did the others fare when faced with the Follow You gore-fest? And who emerged as a fan?