Watch a Jim Matheos guitar playthrough for O.S.I.'s False Start

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O.S.I. and Fates Warning guitarist Jim Matheos has recorded a guitar playthrough for the O.S.I. track False Start, which you can watch below.

False Start is taken from O.S.I.'s third album Blood, originally released in 2009 and which has just been reissued through Metal Blade Records as a double CD, digitally, and on vinyl for the first time since the album’s 2009 release. 

“We have different musical tastes but an unspoken musical understanding" says O.S.I. keyboard player Kevin Moore, Matheos' musical partner in the band. “When Jim sent me his tracks,  I had a vocal idea right away. I think it all came together in a couple of days. I love when Jim sends really heavy ideas, and he doesn’t mind me chopping them up. It was fun to play around with the time signatures by editing, and adding a lot of Minimoog effects and unison lines.”

Blood also features contributions from Porcupine Tree drummer Gavin Harrison, while Opeth's Mikael Åkerfeldt sings on Stockholm, which the Swedish musician composed together with the two O.S.I. masterminds. “I think it was Kevin’s idea to have a guest vocalist. He asked me if I had any suggestions and I immediately thought of Mikael,” Matheos explains. “It was Mikael’s choice, we gave him several songs to pick from. Mikael wrote the lyrics and melody and recorded his parts at home in Sweden.” 

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(Image credit: Metal Blade)

O.S.I. - Blood
01. The Escape Artist
02. Terminal
03. False Start
04. We Come Undone
05. Radiologue
06. Be the Hero
07. Microburst Alert
08. Stockholm
09. Blood
10. No Celebrations
11. Christian Brothers
12. Terminal (Endless)

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