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Voivod enter studio to begin work on new album


Voivod have confirmed that they’ve entered the studio to begin work on what will be their 17th album.

The band posted on Facebook: “It is with great enthusiasm that we announce that Voivod is entering the studio today for the next full-length album! Exciting! Stay connected!”

Voivod released the 7-inch Silver Machine EP in September via Century Media, with drummer Michel ‘Away’ Langevin reporting in June this year that the band had completed six tracks for the follow-up to 2013’s Target Earth.

He also revealed that the material was “very long and progressive” and that could lead to a double album.

“We have nine songs in the works and six are finished, so when we get back home in July, we have a lot of work to do between shows to finish the writing,” he told Metal Wani.

He added: “It’s in the vein of the 2016 Post Society EP. So far, most of the songs are very long and progressive. We want to write a couple of short rockers to have a good blend.

“So far it’s very intricate and progressive thrash metal with a bit of punk as usual. It’s still Voivod – it’s a newer Voivod and I think the spirit is intact.

“It could be a double vinyl because so far it’s already pretty long. Once we’re finished, it should be a pretty lengthy album.”

Further details will be revealed in due course.

Voivod picked up the Visionary award at this year’s Progressive Music Awards.

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