Voices From The Fuselage release A Principle God

Voices From The Fuselage
Voices From The Fuselage

Voices From The Fuselage have premiered a lyric video for their track A Principle God with Prog.

The song features on the band’s debut album Odyssey: The Destroyer Of Worlds, which was released last October via White Star Records.

Frontman Ashe O’Hara says of the track: “It’s a general observation about religion and how such catastrophic things can happen and yet people still believe it’s down to a higher presence or being.”

Guitarist Mitch Ramsay adds: “Scott Lockhart had written the instrumental parts with the intention to use it for a personal project but after the rest of us heard it we knew we had to use it.

“Ashe recorded a demo with just the last section – after that it quickly became a favourite of ours and the rest of the vocals we’re written.”

White Star co-founder John Mitchell guests on the track and Ramsay reveals that it was “a moment of spontaneity” and adds: “Originally there was never a solo there and the chorus ran twice.

“But we thought a solo would give the song another element and asked John if he would be interested to play it, to which he agreed. What you hear was his first thing he played having just picked up one of his guitars and hit record.”

Odyssey: The Destroyer Of Worlds is available from the label’s website.

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