Van Halen, Iron Maiden and more on tonight's Metal Hammer Radio Show


On tonight’s Metal Hammer Radio Show we celebrate the frontmen (and women) – both classic and contemporary – who have helped shape and keep on shaping our world.

So expect LOADS of kickass tunes from Pantera, Faith No More, Heart Of A Coward, Black Sabbath, While She Sleeps, Van Halen and Iron Maiden.

Plus we’ll be talking about the news that Scarlett Johannsen has been announced to play the female lead in a live-action adaptation of Japanese anime classic Ghost In The Shell. Sacrilege! But it got us thinking…

What other cartoon characters should be adapted, and who should play them? We’re thinking Phil Anselmo as the Tazmanian Devil, obviously…

You can listen live on Team Rock Radio and DAB at the 8PM GMT.

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