Ulver reveal further album details


Ulver have released two audio clips of tracks from their upcoming album ATGCLVLSSCAP.

The title of the record is made up of the first letters of the 12 signs of the zodiac and will be released on January 22. It features 12 tracks containing over 80 minutes of music, much of which was improvised.

The band’s label, House Of Mythology, say: “By shaking up their creative process, the band have summoned up a unique testimony to the creative power of a mighty force who remain blissfully free of genre or convention.

ATGCLVLSSCAP is progressive in the truest sense of the word – a record that may be this capricious band’s piece-de-resistance.”

In addition, the band have released the final tracklist and issued three promotional videos. View them below.

ATGCLVLSSCAP is available for pre-order.


  1. England’s Hidden
  2. Glammer Hammer
  3. Moody Stix
  4. Cromagnosis
  5. The Spirits That Lend Strength Are Invisible
  6. Om Hanumate Namah
  7. Desert/Dawn
  8. D-Day Drone
  9. Gold Beach
  10. Nowhere (Sweet Sixteen)
  11. Ecclesiastes (A Vernal Catnap)
  12. Solaris