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Ulver confirm album No.12

Ulver will release 12th album ATGCLVLSSCAP in January, they’ve confirmed.

Its name is made up of the first letters of the signs of the zodiac, although the Norwegian experimental outfit have been calling it 12 during its production.

The release contains over 80 minutes of music, mainly improvised, with over 60% of the material previously unheard.

The band’s label, House Of Mythology, say: “The basis for ATGCLVLSSCAP arrives from recordings made at 12 live shows performed in February 2014, in which the band vaulted into the deep end of an improvisatory approach to their performance.”

Mainman Kristoffer Rygg says: “The tour was to be an experiment, kind of loose and scary for a band as set in their ways as us.

“It was quite liberating to do something more in the moment. One night a jam could be five minutes, and the next it could be fifteen. We couldn’t have captured these songs in a studio environment.”

ATGCLVLSSCAP will be launched on January 22. Full details will be revealed in due course.