Ulrich: Oasis are the soundtrack to my life


Lars Ulrich says Britpop icons Oasis are the soundtrack to his life.

The Metallica drummer says Noel and Liam Gallagher’s foul-mouthed interviews and famous swagger struck a chord with him from the moment he read a magazine article on the band and heard their debut single Supersonic on the radio.

He tells the Guardian: “Oasis have been the soundtrack to my life for the last 20 years on this wonderful planet.

“In 1994 I was browsing through an issue of a magazine called Select, and there was a story about a band from England, with some unusual looking fellows, that I’d never heard of. I skimmed across the article, and was quite amused by the fact that every other word was either ‘fuck’ or ‘cunt’.

“It reeked of attitude and not giving a fuck, which at the time – at the height of the ‘shoegazing I can’t handle being a rockstar’ attitudes that were becoming mainstream – was very refreshing.

“A few weeks later I was driving in my car, listening to radio station Live 105 here in San Francisco, when a song came on unlike any I had ever heard before. The attitude, the aloofness, and the not-giving-a-fuck vibes were pouring out of the speakers.

“It was Oasis and the Supersonic single. Thus began a long and very rewarding relationship with a sound, an approach and a way of looking at the world that has had a huge impact on me and helped shape who I am today – for whatever that’s worth.”

It comes after Ulrich said he was “immensely inspired” by U2’s decision to give their latest album Songs Of Innocence away for free – by automatically uploading it to 500 millions iTunes users’ devices.