Town Portal issue live clip of single Yes Golem


Town Portal are premiering a video of them performing a live version of their single Yes Golem with TeamRock.

Yes Golem is taken from the Danish instrumental post-rock outfit’s second album, The Occident, out now.

On the track, Town Portal say: “The recurring opening riff of this song has been around since the early stages of writing The Occident. It has consistently been referred to as the ‘Golem riff’, and though I don’t remember the original reason for this, we still find that the reference to this mythological creature resonates well with the brute, jagged and sort of clumsy nature of the riff.

“The Yes Golem then, is this manmade creation that will blindly agree to anything without consideration of the possible consequences. This creature holds a special place in The Occident. Prior to a UK tour in April we had the chance to visit our English label Small Pond, to record this live video session of the song. Enjoy.”

Prog Magazine describes The Occident as featuring “expansive, sparse and evocative soundscaping.”