This video of Linkin Park's In The End on new trombone-simulator game Trombone Champ is fabulously nonsensical madness

Trombone Champ modified gameplay of Linkin Park's In The End
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Earlier this year, a new release titled Trombone Champ sent the game industry into a tizzy.  

Published by Holy Wow Studios, Trombone Champ allows users to "honk, blow, & toot" their way through various songs, while simulating the art of trombone playing.

Like the supremely popular Guitar Hero, users must try to play the trombone in time, with greater accuracy resulting in more points and a higher score. Unlike the iconic guitar simulator however, Trombone Champ is strictly rhythm-based - there's no colour-coordinated keys correlating to various musical notes. 

In a gameplay video posted online, one player tries to play along to Linkin Park's In The End, taken from 2000's Hybrid Theory, and it doesn't seem to go all that well. However, this means that as the virtual trombonist fails to keep the rhythm, its instrument creates more and more dud notes, and it sounds absolutely hilarious.

Sadly, the nu-metal classic doesn't actually feature on the game itself. Currently, Trombone Champ has a limited tracklist, featuring mostly classical tracks such as songs by Beethoven and Mozart.

DerpyChap however, a tech-savvy developer, moderator and nu-metal fan, has modified the game with their own musical choices, such as with the aforementioned Linkin Park song. They also added Dragonforce's Through The Fire And The Flames, a tune that has always been famously difficult to play on Guitar Hero, to the game with hilariously chaotic results

Check out DerpyChap's gameplay videos below:

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