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This reggae cover of a Kiss's Calling Dr Love could be the feelgood hit of the late summer

Reggae Kiss
(Image credit: Reggae Kiss / YouTube)

Reggae Kiss, whose sun-kissed covers of Kiss classics first came to our attention in 2018 with the release of their version of Creatures Of The Night, are at it again.

This time the Swedish skankers have released a cover of Kiss's 1976 song Calling Doctor Love, and have pulled in reggae's very own Eek-A-Mouse – most famous for his singles Ganja Smuggling and Black Cowboy – to add vocals to the song.

"We have a brand new album, the second with Reggae Kiss, to be released later this autumn," says the band's Christopher Hansson. "11 new songs with guest appearances from Eek-A-Mouse, ABBA guitarist Janne Schaffer, and Bruce Kulick." Kulick played with Kiss from 1984–1996. 

"A good song is a good song,” Hansson told us in 2018. “Kiss songs are very direct and based on strong melodies. We love Kiss, so it became a natural choice. Everything is done with the greatest love and respect for the original.

"Certain songs clearly work better than others. It has to do with the structure of the song and the chord sequence, which must work well as credible reggae. Surprisingly, many Kiss songs do. We have a lot of fun in the studio and I think it is reflected in the music."