The Enid announce London show


The Enid have confirmed they’ll play at the Boston Music Room at Tufnel Park, London, on October 11.

Tickets are on sale from various outlets at £20, but the band are offering a limited number via their website for just £15 with no booking fee.

Meanwhile, frontman Joe Payne has gone into more detail about why they won’t release surprise album First Light via digital outlets, and why it will never be available on streaming sites.

He says: “The culture of downloads and streaming has proven to be a disaster for anyone outside the mainstream. But it’s about time we stopped pointing the finger at capitalist labels and apathetic consumers – those groups of people are not, and never have been, anything to do with us.

“Progressive bands only feature on these low-paying websites because they they’re competing with other music acts. But we’re not competing at all. We are a specialist niche, and therefore we have a value to those who enjoy our music. We are not disposable. Everyone in progressive music would do well to remember that.

“We don’t need an insulting royalty each month from Spotify, thank you very much – we need people to buy the record and offer real financial support to the bands they admire. I’m proud of The Enid’s fans, because that’s exactly what they do. It’s an attitude that keeps this music alive.”

First Light will contain material from both of the band’s planned 2015 albums, their reinterpretation of Barclay James Harvest track Mockingbird, plus some “surprises.”