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Tarja Turunen ‘would love to record 2nd classical album’

Tarja Turunen
Tarja Turunen

Tarja Turunen says she’d love to record a second classical album.

The former Nightwish singer launched Ave Maria – En Plein Air in 2015 and reports that while she has ideas of what types of music she’d like to record on another classical outing, the length of time it takes to put the pieces in place means it might not happen.

She tells Planet Mosh: “I would love to record a second classical album. That would probably be something like German leads or European songs in general within Chamber music, because that’s my thing within classical music.

“I wouldn’t see myself recording arias because I’m not an opera singer, but chamber music is my field in classical music – it’s where I feel comfortable and where I have the most knowledge. So, why not? It’s a project that requires a lot of time. Training-wise, concentration-wise, it’s really a lot of time.”

Turunen says she recorded Ave Maria two years before its release as she had set time aside for latest rock album The Shadow Self, which will launch on August 5 via earMusic.

She continues: “With so many things going on in parallel, sometimes it’s hard to find the time for things – but I would love to have the time to record another one because it was such a beautiful experience.”

Turunen has been on the road across Europe this summer – a run of shows that will continue later this week at Saint Maurice De Gourdans Sylak Open Air, France.

Tarja Turunen The Shadow Self tracklist

  1. Innocence
  2. Demons In You
  3. No Bitter End
  4. Love To Hate
  5. Supremacy
  6. The Living End
  7. Diva
  8. Eagle Eye
  9. Undertaker
  10. Calling From The Wild
  11. Too Many

Tarja Turunen tour 2016

Aug 07: Saint Maurice De Gourdans Sylak Open Air, France
Oct 08: Hamburg Docks, Germany
Oct 10: Berlin Huxleys Neue Welt, Germany
Oct 11: Cologne Live Music Hall, Germany