Swedish prog legends Kaipa return with tongue-twister of an album title. Sommargryningsljus will be released in June

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Swedish prog legends Kaipa have announced that they will release their brand new studio album Sommargryningsljus [yeah, we can it pronounce it either!] through InsideOut Music on June 28.

The album, the band's 15th studio album, comes 49-years after the band released their self-titled debut album, from which only keyboard player Hans Ludin remains.  Sommargryningsljus translates as 'summer dawn light' and the song is about dusk and a journey through the night to meet the light again at dawn.

"I had written all the songs for the album and the total playing time was 70 minutes, but then something unexpected happened," Ludin explains. "One day when I was recording with Aleena Gibson, we took a break and went out into my garden to have a cup of coffee. Suddenly Aleena started singing some notes and I said it was beautiful. ‘Okay, let's write a song‘, she said.

"So we returned to the studio and 15 minutes later a new song had been born. We were both delighted with the result and said that this song must be on the album and the lyrics must be in Swedish. I developed the song and created an interlude built on the same chords. The melody was hovering around in the studio and it landed gracefully in my fingers when I started to play. One early morning a few weeks later, the words suddenly came floating down and landed in my consciousness.“

Sommargryningsljus will be available as a limited CD mediabook with an extensive 24-page booklet, 12’’ gatefold 180g 2LP black vinyl and as a digital album.

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Kaipa: Sommargryningsljus
1. Sommarskymningsljus
2. Seven Birds
3. Like Thousand Dawns
4. Revelationview
5. Chased by Wolves And Burned by The Sun
6. Spiderweb Train
7. Songs In Our Hands
8. Sommargryningsljus
9. Sommargryningsljus (Single Edit)

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