Slash working on multiple films

Slash says his film production company, Slasher Films, currently has four films in various stages of planning and production, with one set to be released by the end of 2015.

The guitarist formed Slasher Films in 2010; he produced the company’s debut flick, Nothing Left To Fear, in 2013 and recorded a companion soundtrack album for the project.

Last year, Slash teamed up with Universal Studios Hollywood to compose music for a theme park attraction entitled Clowns 3D as part of their annual Halloween Horror Nights event.

Slash recently attended the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, where he shared some of his movie plans and his long-standing love of the horror genre.

He tells Billboard that he’s been a fan “ever since I was really, really young, as far back as I can remember. But I’m producing now. I’m into bringing back the psychological, the super scary. Especially the things you can’t see going on… character-driven, plot-driven kinda things.”

The guitarist also adds that things are busy at Slasher Films.

“I’ve got four plates spinning at this point. I should have something out at the end of this year.”

While he didn’t share which project will see the light of day first, Slash did reveal details regarding one of the films last June, telling Team Rock “I’m working on a new one now. It’s called Cut Throat Scenario and I’m producing that, we’re just starting to cast it. The director wrote it, so we have that done, now it’s just a case of raising the money to make it! It’s nothing like Nothing Left To Fear though.”

Slash continues his world tour in support of World On Fire next month with a series of shows in Japan before he heads to New Zealand and then Australia for the Soundwave Festival; he’ll return to the UK to play at Download in June.