Serious Black announce debut album

Power metal supergroup Serious Black have confirmed details of their debut album and released a lyric video for the track I Seek No Other Life.

Formed over the past year by Masterplan guitarist Roland Grapow and ex-Visions Of Atlantis bassist Mario Lochert, the band also comprises ex-Blind Guardian drummer Thomen Stauch, Edenbridge guitarist Dominik Sebastian, former Dreamscape keyboardist Jan Vacik and ex-Tad Morose vocalist Urban Breed.

They will release debut album As Daylight Breaks on January 20.

A statement from the band says: “Initially, it turned out to be quite a task to bring these full-time musical workaholics together in one studio at the same time. Needless to say, when they arrived at the Dreamsound Studios, Munich, none of the blokes had any idea, yet, where exactly their musical venture would take them.

“Serious Black is different to many of the so-called ‘all star’ bands because, in fact, they are a real band.”

Meanwhile, Grapow’s previous outfit Helloween have posted a studio report from recording sessions for their 15th album.

As Daylight Breaks tracklist

  1. I Seek No Other Life 2. High And Low 3. Sealing My Fate 4. Temple of the Sun 5. Akhenaton 6. My Mystic Mind 7. Trail of Murder 8. As Daylight Breaks 9. Someone Else’s Life 10. Setting Fire to the Earth 11. Older And Wiser