Sendelica release trailer for new double album One Man’s Man…

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North Wales space rockers Sendelica have released an teaser trailer for their upcoming new studio album One Man's Man... which you can listen to below.

One Man's Man... is an instrumental double album which will be released through Fruits Der Mer Records on November 28. The album follows on from last year's  critically acclaimed And Man Created God which investigated the relationship between man and religion, guitarist Pete Bingham began to look into what made a hominid a 'Man'?

"It seems that deciphering when exactly man became 'Man' is as tricky a subject to answer as religion, so many false starts and dead ends, and even trickier is where are we headed as a species? Extinction or new horizons?," the band state. "Such are the disagreements between expert palaeontologists and anthropologists that one such expert joked 'One Man's Man Is Another Man's Monkey'."

One Man's Man... will be available as a vinyl double album and on CD. You can view the artwork and tracklisitng below.

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(Image credit: Fruits der Mer)

Sendelica: One Mans Man...
Side One: The Dawn of Man - Homo Habilis and Homo Rudolfensis
Side Two: Homo Erectus and Denisovans
Side Three: Neanderthal and Homo Sapien
Side Four: Future Man - Homo Superior

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